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Welcome to

Paws & Claws, Nottingham.


Katie and Emily both ran their own dog walking businesses and decided to team up to create Paws & Claws together with the aim of reaching and helping more dogs as a duo. Katie and Emily know the importance of early socialisation and exercise and believe this to be the key to a happy and healthy dog.


Katie and Emily have both rescued dogs throughout their lives and in 2020 Emily rescued Finn, a Pomeranian X Spitz cross. Finn had not been socialised as a puppy and had never met another dog or even been on a single walk. Finn was a very frightened and confused dog. After months of hard work and dedication Emily has managed to get back some of those important early lessons that Finn missed out on and after being told that he would never be able to be around other dogs he now lives with two others, joins the group play sessions and is a happy confident pooch.


Paws & Claws aims are to provide fun and safe environments for dogs across Nottingham to be able to socialise with other dogs, make many new friends and get that all important exercise at the same time! Our group play sessions are a huge success, with many lessons to be learnt through the language of play.

We also offer a number of services for dog who prefer to not be around other dogs. 



I couldn't recommend Paws and Claws enough! Such a nice friendly bunch of ladies and are absolutely amazing with all the dogs. I have 2 Irish setters who are very hard to tire out but they have such an amazing time out with Paws and Claws and zoom around the whole time they come back truly happy and tired. My puppy has come a long way and is much better socialised with other dogs they really do a fantastic job

Jess & Hunter

Emily is just truly amazing! My boy has been anxious of the outside world/people and other dogs since he was born and he’s been having training for around 3 months now and the difference in him is just mind blowing. I’ve cried sad tears to Emily because I felt hopeless and didn’t know what to do I couldn’t take hunter anywhere and now I cry happy tears because I couldn’t be more prouder of my boy and how far he’s come already. Emily told me to have trust in her and trust the process and I did& still do and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I know we’ve still got a lot to do but I now have hope and I couldn’t thank Emily enough for everything she has done for my and Hunter already! She is always approachable and so supportive. We’re excited to see what the future holds! Lots of love jess & hunter


Emily and Katie are brilliant. Jasper has been in day care and boarded with them lots of times over the last year and he loves it every time. He can’t wait to get inside as soon as we get out of the car.
Emily and Katie are always flexible and accommodating which is really helpful around work diaries.
The updates and photos are great and shows just how much fun all the dogs are having.
Jasper is looked after as if he was one of their own, thank you for taking such good care of him xx


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