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Em - Owner

Em founded Paws&Claws with Katie B in early 2023 after resigning from her career in Law. Since leaving Law, Em has dedicated her time to studying many aspects of canine behaviour and nutrition, currently studying at level 6. Em currently has 4 dogs - Finn (Pom cross), Olive (frenchie), Buddy (working cocker) and Penny (springer) and trains and competes in Agility, Scent work and Canicross. 



Pet First Aid and CPR Level 3

Pro Dog Trainer

Pro Dog Trainer Geek

Family Dog Mediator 

Dog Training College Certified 

CPD Accredited Natural Medication for Dog Health

Pet CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Level 4 Canine Behaviour

Complete Raw Diet for Dog - CPD Certified Course

Dog Training - Control Aggressive Dog


Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour

Diploma in Canine Nutrition 


Day Care & Boarding

Group Walks

121 Behaviour Support


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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